Purpose-built AI Agents for Finance

Employ AI agents to connect your proprietary data, with real-time information, automate tasks and deliver the results you want.

Meet StreetbeatPRO

Your Embedded AI agent for Finance

Access ready-to-use AI agents already connected to 170+ datasets, or agents created specifically for you. Integrate real-time stock data, alternative and proprietary data sets. Personalize agents to simplify tasks, automate account management processes, and boos efficiency and insights.
It's like having thousands of financial experts connected to the stock market and your data.
Damián Scavo
CEO & Founder of Streetbeat

We create AI Agents specifically for you

Get the features that differentiate you from the competition

Some examples

Process Automation
Automate tasks to increase productivity and efficiency
Smart search
Experience a new way to look for information with intelligent agents.
Personalized communication
Tailor emails, newsletters based on customer portfolios and market events.
Financial research
Instantly access and act on live market information.
CRM Integration
Seamless integration with your database, Salesforce and other CRMs.
...and much more

Discover the AI Agents that work best for you

StreetbeatPRO Agents
Ready to use
Search Agent
Information & research
Portfolio Agent
Investing automation
Risk Manager Agent
Analysis automation
News Agent
Analysis automation
CRM Agent
Automation & efficiency
Rebalancing Agent
Investing automation
Translator Agent
Communication efficiency
Repository Agent
Information & research
Query Agent
Information & research
Tailored Agents
Built specifically for you
Conversational Agent
Information & research
Investor Advisor Agent
Investing automation
Complex process Agent
Automation & efficiency
Augmented Search Agent
Information & research
Special Portfolio Agent
Investing automation
MultiAction Agent
Automation & efficiency
Data Scientist Agent
Information & research
Custom Agent
Automation & efficiency

Get inspired by StreetbeatPRO in action

Learn how companies are using this technology to better serve their clients and themselves

AI Agents level-up bussiness by:

Boosting productivity

Automate tasks like transaction monitoring and compliance checks, freeing teams to focus on clients and revenue.

Enhancing decision-making

Process vast amounts of data for better investment insights and risk management.

Cutting costs

Reduce inefficiencies, errors, and manual processes with intelligent agents.

Elevating customer experience

Provide personalized financial advice, prompt responses, and customized investment solutions.

Save money, go to market sooner and exploit the best tech in the industry

170+ datasets

Access extensive date agreements, eliminating the need to independently purchase data

Live AI Agents

Expedite your go-to-market timeline by 1-2 years with AI Agents already in production

Expert team

Access an expert team of AI developers without the hiring complexities and costs

Implemented with the highest security and compliance standards


Guardrails define and enforce rules and business logic


Agents log each decision, ensuring transparency behind AI interactions


Personally identifiable information is encrypted and masked

Secure Integration

Interactions are monitored to follow your security procedures

Data Governance

Your data is secure and used only fore your company’s agents

A technology that feeds on data

StreetbeatPRO empowers you to access a wide range of financial data sources, including analyst ratings, company fundamentals, historical price data, and much more, all in one place.

A pricing plan for you

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Get the plan that best suits your business goals and access the full potential of financial intelligence with Streetbeat.

Access the power of Streetbeat PRO.

Integrate our Agents effortlessly and manage your financial data with ease.
Experience lightning-fast search functionality and retrieve information as you type.
Handle vast amounts of financial data, with our infrastructure.